Supreme focus, enter flow, emerge anew.

A Personal Training relationship is an unadulterated connection between myself, and my client.  There are no boundaries between us. 

I am responsible for noting your intentions and goals, movement qualities, mental and physical limitations and areas for opportunity and achievement.  I hold you responsible for consistency by committing to a monthly program where we maximize each session tailored to push you toward new successes.

Each session is tailored to your current status of ability and capability.  I adapt as you get stronger and more proficient, and take more time when time is needed.

The product of each session is maximal.  You will feel accomplished and centered, and most importantly, worked on.

Being ruthlessly results driven, my methods are ambitious, effective and some would even say, fearless.


What to Expect

Each 60 minute, Personal Training session starts with a brief reporting of your current status in health, physicality and motivation.

After a dynamic and comprehensive warm up, the building or burning begins.

Advance in skills, cardiovascular threshold, strength and resistance training.  With a fierce background in rehabilitation, risk-stratification and injury prevention are priority.

Finally, we finish with deep/corrective tissue body work and stretching to seal in the work.


$660 for 6 sessions

$1000 for 10 sessions

$1800 for 20 sessions

(No expiration, transferrable)

New for 2017:  Advanced Program Design

Advanced Program Design is intended for clientele who are prepared to deliver personal goals on their own.  It is economical, teaches autonomy, while tethering both dynamic and motivational support along the process.

What to Expect

This program begins with a thorough assessment inclusive of nutrition, sleep, wellness and stress/anxiety management and fitness/physicality screening.  This comprehensive assessment jump starts a program for which I will provide you weekly assignments for the month, based on your personal mockup.  A weekly check-in via mobile/remotely allows for questions to be answered and alterations to be made to ensure the program is sound.  Every detail is methodically structured and scheduled, setting a clear and definite plan for action to work towards positive results.

A new monthly, comprehensive assessment updates your program to address your adaptations to getting stronger, leaner, smarter and equipped for leveling up in your lifestyle game.

Monthly Retainer