Welcome to Master Instructorship.

Each Master Class allows up to 15 students to learn and practice multiple disciplines programmed and taught by Russell Bui.

Formats range from calisthenics, yoga, martial arts, and gymnastics to Olympic and Power Lifting.  A wholesome offering to advance movement and technique for cross-training.

Each Master Class follows a central focus pounded by strong and sturdy foundations.  Transfer solid and sound movement principles from training into different varieties and expressions.

This is an intensive and immersive experience where attention to detail meet uncharted territory.

What to Expect:

Each Master Class is 60 minutes.

Begin with movement preparation to generate mind-body awareness and connections.

Progressions evolve with intensity or complexity, based on the format for the day.

Finishing with a cool-down and skills briefing, corrective stretching, self-myofascial release, and/or meditation, based on the Master Class and it's customized format.


$35 per class


Master Classes for 2017:

(Starting in March 2017)